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The Boy from Croy

Jamie Rafferty is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Scotland.


He grew up - and still lives - in an ancient mining village nestled in the countryside called Croy, which having once attracted Irish immigrants, lies some 30 minutes away from the city lights of Glasgow in the west and Edinburgh in the east. Its railway line with four arches pivots between these 2 major cities, offering a gateway to the wilder and increasingly awe-inspiring landscapes of Northern Scotland. 

Raised in this small and close knit community, Jamie grew up in the shadow of Croy Hill which rises above a vast stone Quarry. Labouring by day, he learned to play many instruments in his spare time, driven by the desire to express the music coursing through his blood. The first instrument he learned was the drums at an early age, whilst simultaneously listening to the bygone era of the local brass band known as the Croy Silver Band - subsequently picking up the piano, bass, electric and acoustic guitars.

Wishing he had experienced the classic songwriting era of Laurel Canyon, which sits just above Santa Monica in L.A. he is a mature and reflective soul on young shoulders. Credibly delivering both soaring guitar anthems and intimate ballads, Jamie writes about what he knows - stories, memories passed down, and the heartfelt ever-changing moods and questions about love, life and hope. 

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